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Welcome to Professional Hearing Solutions Inc. We have designed this website as a learning resource for you. When making a decision on your hearing healthcare needs, we want to provide you with the information that you need and deserve.

To receive maximum benefit from your visit today, start by watching our Award-Winning educational video on hearing loss and the most recent advancements in hearing aid technology. It is full of 3-D animations and high definition videos, so you won't be disappointed!

After you have watched the video, download and review your free copy of our Guide to Better Hearing, from the Better Hearing Institute. It is full of information about signs of hearing loss, types of hearing loss, and hearing loss in infants and children. Once you have all the information you need, I recommend that you schedule a no-obligation appointment with us to discuss your unique needs and help you find a solution that meets your budget. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us at 585-398-1210

We look forward to seeing you!

About our Company

Here at PHS we provide a comfortable inviting atmosphere for our patients. We mesh the highest technology in hearing aids and testing with a cozy atmosphere not found anywhere else. Please stop in and see for yourself!

We offer the latest technology to our patient from a variety of manufacturers! We look forward to having the opportunity to meet your hearing health care needs.

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  • Approximately 36 million Americans suffer from hearing loss
  • More than half of the people with hearing loss are younger than 65
  • Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States

Do you have a friend or family member who is having a difficult time hearing conversations or the television?  There are many things that can effect your hearing...medications, high blood pressure, disabetes, name a few.  

Did you know that individuals who have a history of diabetes, cancer, and alzheimers are at a higher risk of hearing loss? If you know anyone that might be at risk because of these we are starting a new referral program! We have referral cards in our offices in Newark and Victor. If you refer someone and they make an appointement for a hearing test and bring in a card with your name on it, we will make a donation in your name to the charity you choose.

At Professional Hearing Solutions, we promote good hearing health and encourage everyone to get their hearing tested if there are any signs of hearing loss.  

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