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Our Practice

At Professional Hearing Solutions Inc, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and professional audiological services to our patients in Victor and Newark NY, as well as to offer the most advanced hearing instruments in the world today. We have an on-going commitment not only to offer our patients the most technically advanced solutions for their hearing problems, but also the best trained and most experienced professional staff to deliver the high degree of success and satisfaction that they expect. Our goal is to become long term partners in our patient's complete hearing healthcare. We intend to be relentless in the task of making our patients hear better, unconditionally.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Our services:

Full diagnostic audiometric testing - We provide complete diagnostic services for adults and children which may include pure tone audiometry, speech discrimination testing, tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing, acoustic reflex decay, wax removal if indicated, electroacoustic testing of hearing aids, real ear measurements and sound field measurements.

Hearing aid selection and dispensing - We evaluate patients' hearing needs and determine which instruments would fit their communication needs most effectively. We obtain custom sizing information and instruct the selected laboratory on specifications for the manufacture of the instruments, in addition to personalized programming of a variety of different instruments.

Rehabilitation - We invest the time to allow you to become comfortable with hearing instruments and how they interact with the environments. We customize the programming to individual needs and listening strategies. We take the time to educate you on strategies for better communication and listening activities which will promote acceptance of amplification.

Why buy new? If you have an old hearing aid that needs to be fixed, we have an in-office service laboratory capable of repairing most hearing aids, sometimes even while you wait.

On-site hearing aid repairs - We have an on-site lab providing full cleaning, maintenance and repair services including: removal of foreign debris, shell repairs, some microphone cover replacement, wax removal and dehumidifying chamber. We have relationships with many different manufacturing labs, which facilitates off-site repairs if necessary.

Hearing aid accessories - We offer hearing aid batteries, cleaning tools and supplies, custom noise plugs, dry aid kits, ear molds for hearing aids, ear lubricant and soothing products.

Assistive technology - TV EARS, wireless technology for cell phones (ELI, Sound Port), amplified telephones, alerting devices, custom ear plugs, musician ear plugs and swim plugs.


Signia hearing aids

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