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Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing aids are a great tool to improve your hearing, but in certain situations, you might need a little more help. Background noise during church services, sporting events and meetings can make it even harder than normal to filter out distractions and focus. If you wear hearing aids and still find it difficult to hear in certain scenarios, Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's) may be your solution.

What are ALD's?

Simply put, ALD's help you hear certain sounds better. They can be used alone or with hearing aids or choclear implants to filter out background noise.

Some ALDs are designed for large spaces like amphitheatres and airports, while others are made to help users hear one-on-one conversations or enjoy television shows without increasing the volume for everyone else in the room.

Here are some examples of ALDs.

  • Loop system use electromagnetic fields to deliver sound to your ear.
  • Infrared systems use electromagnetic fields to bring sound to you in difficult hearing situations.
  • FM systems use radio broadcast technology to help you hear in certain situations.
  • Amplified/captioned phones
  • T-Coil neck loops
  • Amplified alarm clocks
  • Telephone signalers
  • Vibrating wrist watches
  • TVEAR TV listening systems
  • TV Streamers
  • Companion microphones
  • Bluetooth Accessories

In need of an ALD? Contact Professional Hearing Solutions in Victor and Newark, NY and let us introduce you to the ALD that's right for you!

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