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Battery Options

We use high quality batteries and guarantee their ability to function well. Several options are available to obtain batteries.

  1. 'Bulk Discount'-The best discounted option - Purchase 40 batteries for $35.00 in office. If shipped, add $5.00.
  2. 'Individual Packages'-Single package of 4 batteries for $5.00, single package of 8 batteries for $10.00. If shipped, add $5.00.

For optimum battery performance:

  • Open the battery compartments in your hearing aids whenever you're not wearing them. This limits battery drain and helps alleviate moisture build-jp.
  • Before a hearing aid battery is inserted, a sticker must be removed from the back. This sticky tab keeps the battery fresh, and protects the zinc inside the battery from being activated.
  • Remember, once you remove the tab, there's no turning back! Resealing the battery will not stop the activation process and save it. So, be sure to keep the tab intact until you're ready to use the battery.
  • It is important to wait a full 2 minutes before you insert the battery into your hearing aid and close the battery door after you've removed the tab. If you don't wait, the battery may not absorb enough oxygen to properly power your hearing aids.

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