Professional Hearing Solutions

1331 East Victor Road, Victor, NY 14564
513 West Union St., Cannery Row Plaza,
Newark, NY 14513

Telephone: 585-398-1210 (Victor) Telephone: 315-573-7844 (Newark) Fax: 585-398-1212

Hearing Accessories

Hearing Protection

  • Classic Foam Earplugs: NO Charge!
  • Custom Hearing Aid Earmolds: $75/each
  • Custom Swimplugs: $75/each
  • Custom Musician Earplugs (with filters): $175/pair
  • Additional Filters: $29
  • Custom Hearing Protectors: $95/each
  • IPOD/MP3 Custom Earphone Covers: $150/pair
  • Hunter's Earplugs (with amplification): $499/pair
  • Custom Shooter's Earplugs (with amplification) are available, schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with one of our Audiologists.

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